Welcome to my little bit of the Internet.

 On here you may find something of interest to you, then again, you may not.
 I have put this site together using notepad.exe from windows XP, this is not because
 I am a "web purity freak", but simply because I am too lazy to dig out my box of CD's
 with Allaire Homesite 4.5 in. (They are after all somewhere under my desk and those
 of you who have been to my house, will know what this entails!).
 Ultimately though, I will probably spend more time messing with "pure" html tags by hand
 than I ever would by seeking out the CD in the first place.

Anyone interested in Data recovery for a failed hard disk?
May i strongly suggest you dont even bother contacting a company called
data recovery london (www.datarecoverylondon.co.uk) in my short experience they are arrogant,
ignorant and unhelpful. This was my opinion when I called to get a price for recovery,
I am so glad I didn't just send the drive to them, I can't imagine the outcome.
If you want to contact me about anything on this site, even if it's just to tell me i can't design or program
just drop me an email to jim (at) jimfranklin (dot) info (I hope you know what to do with my antispam address).

If you want schematics or program code for anything on this site, help yourself. Just let me know if it works for you, or
if you get stuck and want some help with getting it to work.
What is this site all about?
PIC Microcontrollers
[no image !] Electronics
My Self Build Horsebox

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